Kingfisher is a Bogotá-based film production studio, focused on social-impact storytelling. We make creative documentaries and videos for socially-driven NGOs and brands. Our story started in Edinburgh, Scotland, and continues in Colombia.

Kingfisher is a Bogotá-based film production studio, focused on social-impact storytelling.
Founded by Maria de los Ángeles Reyes and Juan Pablo Daza, a husband and wife duo, sometimes accompanied by their dog, Obi. ​​​​​​​
Emerging filmmakers and producers, both studied for a master's degree at The University of Edinburgh: Maria did her MSc in Social Anthropology (2019), and Juan did an MFA in Film Directing (2020) at Edinburgh College of Art. Both are trained journalists and have 6+ years of experience working in Communication for Development in the public and private sectors and filmmaking.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our Manifesto
We are creative storytellers
Creativity and storytelling are our tools. We want to innovate and make beautiful things, but we also want to reflect the beauty that’s already out there, in all the stories of individuals, families, organisations and communities.
We believe stories can change the world
Not only do we believe stories can change the world, we know they do. We have seen it before, and we want to make it happen again and again. We are not naive and we know it will take time to see sustainable change in major issues, but we know the way we tell stories will change minds and hearts, move to action, impact different levels of society. We believe that is how the world gets changed, telling one impactful story at a time.
We work for the common good
We are committed to promoting justice. This means that in everything we do we want to highlight values of love, respect, equality, diversity, ecological and social justice. The projects we work with, the stories we tell, our team and our partners are a reflection of these values. 
We collaborate
We strongly believe that there is no room for unfaithful competition in the creative industry. We love to collaborate with other creatives. Therefore, in our work, we acknowledge, value and champion others’ talents and gifts and we look forward to working with different creative minds to challenge and add value to our own work.
We are Kingfisher
We are Kingfisher. A creative studio committed to changing the world by championing the common good, telling stories in different forms and artistic practices.