In memory of her dog Maggie, who passed away in 2015, Alexis Fleming built a home for other animals in need as their lives wind down. At her sanctuary in Scotland, The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice, Fleming provides end of life care for 153 terminally ill animals including dogs, sheep, chickens, pheasants, and pigs, many of whom were abandoned by their owners or discarded by farmers due to disease or disability.​​​​​​​

Featuring Alexis Fleming - founder of The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice.
Documentary DP: Juan Pablo Daza from Kingfisher Docs in Scotland.
Produced remotely by Grace Parsons - from 60 Second Docs & Indigenous Media in Los Angeles.
Edited In-House by the team at 60 Second Docs.
Commissioned via Storyhunter.

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