Synopsis: Twenty years have passed since VICTORIA escaped from Colombia, when she revisits traumatic memories and thinks how a journey of healing shapes her present life in London. Her ability to claim back her own life becomes an inspiration for many women.

VICTORIA is currently in review for Festivals distribution, more information coming soon!

DIRECTOR AND CINEMATOGRAPHER Juan Pablo Daza P. PRODUCER Maria de los Ángeles Reyes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Emma Davie / Noé Mendelle / Amy Hardie
ANIMATOR Federico Reyes Mesa ORIGINAL MONOLOGUE  Ana V. Bastidas with Alejandra Borrero
EDITING Juan Pablo Daza P. / Maria de los Ángeles Reyes MUSIC COMPOSER Victoria Wijeratne
ADDITIONAL SOUND Maria de los Ángeles Reyes Mesa / Peter Pin COLOUR GRADING Tom Hammill 
KEY ADVISORS Julian Schwanitz / Eiko Emersleben / Ling Lee / Jamie Chambers /Ali Murray
An Edinburgh College of Art and Kingfisher Docs production
Made with support from SPUTNIK / Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia

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